Getting divorced in Basingstoke

10 Things You Need to Know About Getting Divorced in Basingstoke

Getting divorced in Basingstoke is among the most stressful situations that couples may suffer. Right after the romance and other memories with your ex-lover, you may find it difficult to move on and begin a new life. Well, if you plan on having a divorce in Basingstoke, you must be knowledgeable enough about the divorce process.

The following are the 10 things that you must know about being divorce in Basingstoke.

1.      Adultery Doesn’t Suggest That You Can Receive with Huge Settlement

Some individuals expect that there is a great financial impact if one spouse had an affair or left the marriage. Well, this is not the case. The court is not giving attention to how the marriage ends. Rather, they will focus on how to fairly divide the assets between both parties. So, if your partner commits adultery, which is the common cause of marriage breakdown, it doesn’t mean that it will offer you with great financial outcome.

2.      Adultery Can Only Lead to Divorce If It Is Committed with Your Spouse’ Opposite Sex

If you plan to get divorce in Basingstoke, you must know that adultery can be processed when it is committed with your spouse’s opposite sex. With this, you can’t use the fact of adultery if your wife’s leaving is due to another woman. In this case, you can prefer for the petition for the unreasonable behavior of your partner instead of filing a divorce.

3.      There Is No ‘Quickie’ Divorce

If you want a divorce, you must know that there is no such thing as ‘quickie’ divorce. It can take 4 to 6 months before a divorce takes place. Moreover, it can take longer if both parties plan to establish a financial settlement.

A ‘quickie’ divorce means nothing when it comes to the law. Divorce proceedings comes in a long process until financial issues are solved. It can be extended for months or possibly a year.

4.      ‘No Fault’ Divorce Possibility

If you and your partner are separated for about 2 years or 5 years, you can be a candidate for ‘no-fault’ divorce. For example, if one spouse objects about the divorce, the court will not permit a divorce unless the ex-lovers have lived separately for about 2 or 5 years.

5.      Being Divorce in Basingstoke Will Benefit the Financially Weaker Party

In Basingstoke, the financially weaker party will get generous payouts. Additionally, one partner can also give maintenance to others for the rest of their lives.

6.      If Overseas Divorce Left You Dry, You Could Try It at Basingstoke

If you established divorce overseas, which left you with insufficient financial provision, you could apply for financial remedies in Basingstoke. However, you need to meet your location’s legal requirements. Make sure that you have valid foreign divorce and not remarried. With this, the court can apply its discretionary powers to grant you with your divorce.

7.      You Are Not Subject to Getting ‘Meal Ticket for Life’

In lengthy marriage, courts can agree to for life maintenance payments. However, the law continues to evolve, and you will not get ‘meat ticket for life.’ The maintenance can stop the moment the spouse gains more independence.

8.      Full Disclosure Suggests Full Disclosure

Should you argue with your ex-partner about your finances, and it applies to the court, you will be obliged a full financial disclosure and other important matters.

9.      You Can’t Separate Your Assets Before You Were Married

As you divorce your spouse, you can’t separate your assets before you were married. The court will recourse all your assets to satisfy both parties and their children’s needs.

10.  There Is No Formula on How Assets Are Divided

The court comes with discretion on dividing the assets of both parties. They consider different factors in producing fair results.

Before getting divorced in Basingstoke, you must know the above ideas.

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Divide up a home in Dorset

How to Divide Up A Home in Dorset?

Divorce is one of the most heartbreaking situations that couples can experience. Breaking up from someone you have loved can be emotionally painful. Meanwhile, deciding about a property is challenging for ex-lovers who were facing a divorce. With this, you must know how to divide up a home in Dorset. It helps to avoid complications when you and your spouse split.

Home is the place where you spend personal memories with your ex-husband or ex-wife. Furthermore, home is also a property that needs careful attention to be divided fairly between both parties.        

How It Can Be Done Between Both Parties?

Dividing up a home in Dorset between both parties is quite challenging. They can opt for a housing market, which can easily help ex-lovers to divide up a home in Dorset. With this, the couples can sell their homes and buy 2 separate homes. However, they must also check on their desired lifestyle after splitting up to have the best decision regarding their property.  

On the other hand, some couples decided to stay and live together in their local homes for a specific period. It is a good way to increase the value of their houses in Dorset. As the rate of divorce continues to rise, the housing distribution between couples is also getting more complicated.   

How It Can Affect Both Parties?

Among the most challenges in divorce is dividing a home in a country. It can greatly affect both parties emotionally and financially. If you have different lifestyle from your ex-spouse, it is hard for one spouse to buy the home from others. So, the common solution is to divide up a home in Dorset by selling it. Selling a local home in a country is also challenging for both parties. The best way to solve this matter is to seek the help and advice of professional and reliable real estate agents.

In case the couple who is facing a divorce has children, it is emotionally difficult for them. The child can receive money from his parents upon selling their local properties in Dorset. There are also some instances wherein the other child can get nothing from your local properties selling, which can lead to problems in the family. Thus, the other child can feel ignored by their parents.

With the emotional difficulty felt by the ex-couple in their divorce, it is also difficult for them to handle in dividing up their properties where they spend quality time and moments together. Therefore, they must seek help from a professional lawyer that can help them to divide a home in Dorset. With this, they can fairly and peacefully divide their assets and property, including their properties.

There are some instances when couples who are facing divorce are always arguing with each other, and they believe that they are always right. So, conflicts are getting worse which can also affect their family members, especially their child. Even though divorce is emotionally painful, dividing a home between the couple can still be an opportunity for them to get money.

Selling up your properties is the best solution in Dorset properly. With the assistance of a dependable lawyer and real estate agent, both parties can sell their place together and get a fair share for its selling price. To avoid conflicts and other problems, the two parties must have an agreement to sell their properties at a fixed price. They both have the right to the benefit that they can get from their property. Even more important, selling up their houses can also help them to separate ways without having a conflict with their property. With this, they can both move on to the new chapter of their lives.   

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How to deal with Mediation in a Workplace

Battling Mediation in a Workplace

Stress at the office or workplace has become a regular modern life that can demand a heavy toll. This can be avoided.

In a study conducted in the UK, 3 in 4 workers had felt overwhelmed at the workplace which they were not able to function more. The statistic shows that some 12.5 million working days are lost due to illness caused by burnout yearly in the UK alone.

Intense, chronic burnout that is taken for granted or ignored can result in bigger issues like exhaustion. According to the World Health Organization, burnout at the office is an occupational phenomenon. Describing burnout as a condition resulting from serious stress at the workplace, according to WHO, it was classified by feelings of used up, improved mental distance, negativism, and cynicism toward one’s job and reduced professional effectiveness.

Exhaustion comes with the far-fetched expense and huge knock-on effects in output. According to integrative psychotherapist Claire Mitchell, she often witnessed many clients at risk from exhaustion. She said, after being pushed to the edge for a lot of years, things began to slip. “Stressed people drop lots of balls.”

A person who is suffering from stressed or burnout can feel paralyzed. He or she can’t face going back to the office, sometimes for many months or years. According to the, it is like they’re working in a dense mental fog wherein they can’t focus or make sound decisions. Click here to see why you should choose us!

Ways to Avoid Office Burnout

There are things you can do to avoid office burnout, such as:

Relaxation Methods

Learning these techniques can help you cope with stressful situations. These techniques include breathing methods, short walks outside as well as mindfulness. These techniques can be learned or encouraged by management.

Prioritizing and Organizing

Let workers organize as well as prioritize in a way that benefits both you and the workers. By allowing them to structure their day in a way they feel is convenient, the outcomes can be improved. Often time management experts and organizers can help provide structure.


There are many good reasons why a lot of people have been doing meditation back then. It is proven effective in reducing signs in many disorders, which include depression and anxiety. Meditation involves the development of wakefulness of current-moment experience with a sympathetic, non-judgmental stance and can get your focus better.

In many cases, meditating for only ten minutes per day is powerful enough to rewire your mind. But, if you don’t have time, there is an app available you can download straight to your phone to follow.

Change Scenery

When everything fails, the last you need to do is to shock your system and alter things up. Yes. It can a small step, like moving your table to a different place or switching departments. However, in other cases, you don’t have a choice but to look for another job or company. Click here to find out more! 

Take Vital Steps to Help Workers Look for Balance

While people can try to keep themselves safe and sound from burnout using a practical method like watching TV, alcohol intake, enough sleep and having time for loved ones and friends, an official commitment to securing the mental health of the workers can be advantageous for business how big or small it is.

Having a counselling service is beneficial for workers. It increases productivity by reducing the case of absenteeism. It is a good investment for workers.

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What are the Basics of mediation?

Mediation Basic and How It Works

While a lot of people file divorce papers, they believe that they will need to appear in court and undergo a long-lasting litigation dispute over the separation of properties, child custody as well as alimony. In most cases, particularly those where both sides want to address the legalities amicably and quickly, divorce mediation might be the best solution. As the name suggests, divorce mediation consists of a neutral third-party who supervises the contract between both parties relating to the terms of their separation.

Couples who choose to undergo divorce mediation as against having the condition tried in the law of court will save money and time. This is simply because the litigation process can be complex and lengthy. Divorce mediation is a casual and friendly setting. In most cases, both sides might even walk away on better terms than if the case were to carry on to trial. Depending on the complexity and nature of the case, divorce mediation can be done in less than 30 days. For this to happen, both sides should be cooperative all the process and should be able to schedule regular mediation schedules or appointments. Click here to check out more on the basics!

It is essential to keep in mind that even if informal, divorce mediation is a legal procedure and must be taken seriously. The mediator will serve as a neutral party, so meaning you and your partner may want to seek the independent representation of a divorce lawyer who is expert in this kind of case. It doesn’t matter if you choose advice on divorce or want the presence of a certified divorce lawyer during the process of mediation, you must know your legal rights and are armed with the knowledge of the divorce regulations before entering into mediation.  An expert divorce attorney can give you recommendations and advice during each step of the process, beginning with the filing of papers and concluding with the termination of the marriage.

As stated earlier, divorce mediation is a less expensive process compared to a divorce court proceeding. Once the case goes on to trial, the divorce lawyer will spend time in preparation, discovery as well as will be needed to take statements. Keep in mind; the more hours your lawyer spends on the case, the more you pay in lawyer fees. On the other hand, divorce mediation will lead to fewer hours of research and work for your lawyer, so decrease the cost for you. Divorce is an expensive procedure; however, there are ways to keep the costs less. During mediation, both sides can address all problems both legally and efficiently and without the need of dealing with long and costly litigation process.


As mentioned above, divorce is an expensive and tiring process. However,  you can set yourself from the lengthy process of litigation by considering divorce mediation. There are lots of reliable and professional mediators that can help you find the best solutions for your problems without wasting time and a considerable amount of money and at the same without hurting you or your partner’s feelings.

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How Does A Consent Order Work?

What You Need To Know About A Consent Order

Have you ever heard about the Consent Order? What is it, and what it does have to do about Divorce? Well to give you more ideas, here are the things that you should know about a consent order.

A consent order is a command which is approved by the court. It has the settlement terms that both separated couples agreed. The consent order is the legal format, usually about financial matters and on how it should be equally divided into the two ex-couple. Both sides should jointly agree on a consent order; if not and you want to continue for the consent, another negotiation or even mediation would be a great help in having an agreement. Click here to find out more on consent orders

Consent order usually covers:

  • Their property
  • Shares in financial assets
  • Incomes and savings
  • The Childcare allowance that the parent should give to the other parent who has the custody of their children.
  • Claims on the future heirloom

How does consent order work?

Consent order only works for the divorce, and if you are not getting a divorce, consent is not applicable. The consent must mutually agree with both parties. Also, the ultimate one that will decide if the order is accepted is the judge.  But before it is accepted, there are certain that the judge will be asking such as:

  • Are the financial agreement and others fair to both sides?
  • If there any concerned or is it fair about the arrangement for their children?
  • Does it complete truthfully and precisely?
  • What legal advice do both parties seek to finish the agreement?

These questions are being asked to determine if the proposed consent order based on the legal and are fair for both parties.

Consent Order – What are the Advantages?

Having a consent order will surely provide clearness and assurance for both sides. Once the consent order is legally sealed and signed by the judge, it can be, use when one of the other parties failed to comply with what they have agreed. The other most significant of having a consent order is that you and you’re will have nothing to do with whatever they earn in the later after their consent order. However, if there is no consent order made, with or without financial change, your ex-partner can apply for a financial provision to the court.

A consent order is unique and confidential that only for both sides and the court will know, however, what is written in the consent form will be based on the couple’s agreements, status, and many more.  It can be only the same in one thing. Consent is for the financial things to make it formalized in court and so that they are legally separated physically, emotionally, and financially.

Filing a consent order must be agreed upon by both parties and are supervised by the lawyers so that the attending judge will approve it. Also, you must understand that filing it may take many weeks before it will be processed. If one of the other parties doesn’t sign or agree on the arrangement made, they cannot file it in the court. If this happens, a family mediator is another option to have an agreement.

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Getting Divorce Through Mediation

Getting Divorce through Mediation

Divorce is a very serious case, and surely there are reasons why a couple gets through it. Whatever the reasons would be to make it happen, it should be processed legally. However, how will it be considered?

Like in the UK, they have five legal reasons when you should have a divorce such as:

  • Partners unreasonable behavior
  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Being separated for two years
  • Being separated for five years

With this legal reason in the UK, couples who want a divorce can granted, if they are married for almost a year. But, this will not be as easy as signing the papers, there are also things that you should consider and matters that should be taken care too. Click here to learn more about what we do.

How does mediation help in Divorce?

Mediation works to be the mediator for the two sides that are having disputes like divorce. Couples that are going to divorce must take mediation first before it should be taken into the legal court.

How will you express your desire to get a divorce from your spouse?

Well, telling your spouse about getting a divorce is very hard, make sure that you are 100% about your decision, not because it happens to be just because you want it.  Mediation can help you to have good communication with your spouse and openly talk about the matter.

You want to file for a divorce, but your income is low?

If you want to get divorced, but you don’t have enough money to pay for the divorce fee? You will have to pay when you divorce in courts like the solicitor’s fee and the court fees. Another option that you can get is the mediation to answer to your problem. Mediation is commonly known to be less expensive and couples are seeking the help of a mediator in resolving their issues.

You want to get divorced, but you don’t know where you should live?

Some couples are currently living together, but they undergo divorce. If you own conjugal property, the best route is to sell it, and you equally share the money from its sale to start and buy a separate property. But if either party is more financially capable and doesn’t want to leave the property, then that party can buy the other party’s share of the property.

However, if both of you live in a rented space, then you can ask your landlord to end the rental. But if you want to stay on it, seek a new policy to the landlord. Mediation can help you about what to do if you have a property or you are renting one — finding the right option, especially if both of you are renting needs it to be paid depending on the agreement of which party will be liable and if both of you should pay.

What are your rights before filing for a divorce?

When getting divorced, the rights of each spouse is being tackled, such as the right in your house, child, business, and others.  Any family dispute or case, mediation will be a big help. In terms of the rights of each partner is being carefully discussed and resolved by both sides with the neutral guidance of the mediator.

The MIAM or Mediation Information Assessment Meeting and mediator would be a great fit with any dispute in your family, business, and many more. Through this, any problem can be fixed easily, fast, reliable, and stress-free.

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We cover the UK and you don’t need to travel

We cover the UK and you don’t need to travel

Why Online Mediation Is The Way To Go

We cover the UK and you don’t need to travel

We cover the UK and you don’t need to travel

Online mediation has become a popular trend in the modern society today. Mediation specialists have noted that most of the conflicting parties that need reconciliation often go different ways, and can only come together after a successful intervention. The best part of our services is that we cover the UK and you don’t need to travel. Mediation with the two sides physically present may present a challenge due to various constraints, such as time and work. We at Fixed Price Divorce Service are fully cognizant of these difficulties and have gone to great lengths to offer online mediation at an affordable price. Read on to discover the amazing benefits of online mediation.

No need to travel
One of the advantages of online mediation is that you can access the services from the comfort of your humble abode. We cover the UK and you don’t need to travel to access our mediation services. All you need is an internet connection and the necessary software such as Skype. You won’t have to worry about traveling costs and the time to consume during these travels.

It is convenient
Online mediation is quite convenient especially for parties who don’t wish to come into contact before reconciliation. We arrange for video conferencing, Skype, phone or email, creating a perfect environment for breaking the ice between the estranged parties. We can also do it face to face since we have offices everywhere in the UK.

Cost effective
We cover the UK and you don’t need to travel anywhere saving you the costs of commuting to our centres. The process of mediation may require several sessions; hence, increasing expenditure as you have to go to our offices on various occasions. Online mediation enables us to solve your differences and let you decide to come back together.

We at Fixed Price Mediation Services strive to offer the best online mediation services to heal as many relationships as possible. Online mediation is convenient and cost efficient, leaving you with ample time to focus on restoring your relationships.

What is the average cost of a divorce

What is the average cost of a divorce

The Average Cost of A divorce
Divorce can be a very stressful affair. This is majorly due to the financial loss that comes with it. The court charges a fixed price as soon as you apply for a divorce. In addition to that, you have to pay the solicitors and barristers for their services.

The Court Fees

In legal terms, divorce is nothing but an ending of a contract lawfully. Once the necessary paperwork has been signed, the contract is terminated. The court’s charges for handing such paperwork vary from state to state, which is the average cost of a divorce. The amount is payable whether you handle the divorce among yourselves as couples or use a solicitor. Below is a breakdown of some of the court charges in various regions:

England and Wales

The charges for filing for a divorce is £550.00. If either of the partners does not want to end the marriage, you can file for judicial separation which costs £365.00. You also need to pay for the legally binding documents containing your financial arrangements. It costs £100. When you and your partner cannot agree on the way to separate the finances, the court will do it on your behalf for £255.00.


The official document for ending the divorce also called minute for decree, is charged at £48.00. If you opt for the ordinary type of divorce, you can either go the Sheriff Court way or the Court of Session way. The former costs £150.00 while the latter costs £166. The other type of divorce where the courts aren’t entirely involved is called the simplified or DIY divorce. You, however, have to apply for it in either the Sherriff Court for a £113 fee or at the Court of Session for a £125 fee.

Northern Ireland

In this region, the standard court fee for filing a divorce is £220.00. There are, however, other charges that you may have to pay in the process. The ‘decree absolute’ fee- which proves that the dissolution was successful- is valued at £75.00. When you and your partner fail to reach an agreement during the divorce, you may file for a court hearing.

Divorce cases where the dissolution is contested are handled in the High court for £300.00. However, if there is no contest, the hearing will take place at the country court attracting charges worth £250. The Judicial separation fee in Northern Ireland is £200. Another cost worth mentioning is the ancillary relief fee. The court charges it to monitor the ongoing payments regarding shared assets. It is worth £300 in the high court and £250 in any other county court.

The Solicitor Fees

In case you are divorcing your partner, you will need a lawyer to file a petition in court and handle the paperwork. A fixed-price lawyer charges £250 including the taxes. However, the cost may rise if there is a need for negotiation on child custody or asset distribution.

The Average cost of a Divorce

Having looked at all those factors, the average cost of a divorce which include the court fees and solicitor fees is approximately £1280.00 if you initiated the divorce. The partner being divorced pays an average amount worth £600.00 if the other partner doesn’t contest.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) EXPLAINED

What is MIAM’s?

The acronym used for Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting is MIAM. In April 2011, MIAM’s were first introduced. In April 2014, MIAM was made mandatory for those who wish to make an application to the family court. This reform was a part of various reforms done by the Children and Families Act 2014 which aims to provide encouragement to people for resolving their family disputes outside court. It aims to raise awareness about mediation and various forms of dispute resolution.

MIAM is basically re-branding and standardisation of the assessment meeting. Such meetings required mediators to have discussion with clients before starting joint mediation sessions. The key difference is that a qualified mediator who runs a MIAM also has the authority of signing off the necessary court forms for facilitating an application to court in case mediation does not progresses.
What to expect at a MIAM?

The aim of a MIAM is to provide good quality practical, legal and procedural information to clients for helping them in making an informed choice about the best options for resolving their dispute. It provides the clients with an opportunity of talking about their case with an impartial mediator for deciding its suitability for mediation. The mediator also provides information about other dispute resolution processes along with solicitor negotiation, arbitration and court, and collaborative law.

There are also a number of other reasons for opting for MIAM. MIAM is an opportunity for:

Knowing the mediator and making own assessment about trustworthiness and capability of handling the case
Making sure that mediation would be appropriate for all participants.
Getting information about the possible costs of the different dispute resolution processes and assessing whether any participants is eligible for Legal Aid for mediation. In case the participants are, that person gets mediation for completely free and the other client also benefits from a free MIAM and first session.

Who can provide MIAM’s:

A professional mediator with the following credentials can only provide MIAM’s:
Accredited by the Family Mediation Council (FMC) or at a minimum has attended training, recognised by the FMC, for conducting MIAMs.
Current membership of one of the FMC Member Organisations, which means that the mediator is currently practicing

What happens after a MIAM?

After the clients have attended the MIAM, it is up to them to decide whether or not to continue with the mediation. A joint meeting is then arranged for both clients with the mediator in case the mediation goes ahead. In case where mediation does not proceeds further, parties or their solicitors can ask the mediator for signing one of the relevant forms for facilitating an application to court. Majority of the mediators do not charge any additional fee for this. People can also get divorce service in Southampton for smooth settlement. It is easy to get a good divorce service in Southampton for assisting through the process.

Financial Issues on Divorce or Civil Partnership Dissolution

There are no rules in English law which prescribe any mathematical formula for division of assets or amount of maintenance a spouse or civil partner needs to pay to the other in case of divorce or same-sex civil partnership dissolution. While the court has the discretion on financial decision, it is guided by various factors:

First consideration is given to the welfare of any children under 18.

All the circumstances of the case are considered.

Whether a clean break without ongoing maintenance would be appropriate.

Outcome is fair and in most cases this implies equality.

The law has listed items that the court requires for taking into account as part of all the situations of the case.

The list includes income, property, earning capacity and other financial resources that each spouse or civil partner has or will have in the foreseeable future including earning capacity and any reasonable possible increase in it. So it is not correct for anyone to say that he or she has no income because he or she is not working in case there is no reason for not doing so.

Financial Needs

Financial needs are inclusive of obligations and responsibilities that each spouse or civil partner has or will likely have in the foreseeable future.

Standards of Living

The standard of living of the family before the breakdown of marriage or civil partnership is considered. In cases where maintenance is payable, the budget for food, holidays and leisure activities varies depending on the previously enjoyed standard of living.

Ages of the Parties and Duration of the Marriage or Civil Partnership
The ages of each spouse or civil partner is taken by the court into account. In comparison to older people, younger people are more capable of building up their own career and pension provision.

What is also relevant is the duration of the marriage or civil partnership. In majority of cases, where there has been long marriage or civil partnership, the court looks less on contributions of the parties or the situation at the day of the wedding or civil partnership registration. It looks more towards an equal division of assets.

The courts take the entire period of cohabitation into account as is the case for married couples as same-sex couples have only been able for registering a civil partnership since 2005, but they may have been living together for much more time before 2005 where the transition from cohabitation to marriage has been seamless. Couples can always take help from any good divorce service in Bournemouth in these cases. An effective and experienced divorce service in Bournemouth can also guide same-sex couples through the process effectively.