10 Things You Need to Know About Getting Divorced in Basingstoke

Getting divorced in Basingstoke is among the most stressful situations that couples may suffer. Right after the romance and other memories with your ex-lover, you may find it difficult to move on and begin a new life. Well, if you plan on having a divorce in Basingstoke, you must be knowledgeable enough about the divorce process.

The following are the 10 things that you must know about being divorce in Basingstoke.

1.      Adultery Doesn’t Suggest That You Can Receive with Huge Settlement

Some individuals expect that there is a great financial impact if one spouse had an affair or left the marriage. Well, this is not the case. The court is not giving attention to how the marriage ends. Rather, they will focus on how to fairly divide the assets between both parties. So, if your partner commits adultery, which is the common cause of marriage breakdown, it doesn’t mean that it will offer you with great financial outcome.

2.      Adultery Can Only Lead to Divorce If It Is Committed with Your Spouse’ Opposite Sex

If you plan to get divorce in Basingstoke, you must know that adultery can be processed when it is committed with your spouse’s opposite sex. With this, you can’t use the fact of adultery if your wife’s leaving is due to another woman. In this case, you can prefer for the petition for the unreasonable behavior of your partner instead of filing a divorce.

3.      There Is No ‘Quickie’ Divorce

If you want a divorce, you must know that there is no such thing as ‘quickie’ divorce. It can take 4 to 6 months before a divorce takes place. Moreover, it can take longer if both parties plan to establish a financial settlement.

A ‘quickie’ divorce means nothing when it comes to the law. Divorce proceedings comes in a long process until financial issues are solved. It can be extended for months or possibly a year.

4.      ‘No Fault’ Divorce Possibility

If you and your partner are separated for about 2 years or 5 years, you can be a candidate for ‘no-fault’ divorce. For example, if one spouse objects about the divorce, the court will not permit a divorce unless the ex-lovers have lived separately for about 2 or 5 years.

5.      Being Divorce in Basingstoke Will Benefit the Financially Weaker Party

In Basingstoke, the financially weaker party will get generous payouts. Additionally, one partner can also give maintenance to others for the rest of their lives.

6.      If Overseas Divorce Left You Dry, You Could Try It at Basingstoke

If you established divorce overseas, which left you with insufficient financial provision, you could apply for financial remedies in Basingstoke. However, you need to meet your location’s legal requirements. Make sure that you have valid foreign divorce and not remarried. With this, the court can apply its discretionary powers to grant you with your divorce.

7.      You Are Not Subject to Getting ‘Meal Ticket for Life’

In lengthy marriage, courts can agree to for life maintenance payments. However, the law continues to evolve, and you will not get ‘meat ticket for life.’ The maintenance can stop the moment the spouse gains more independence.

8.      Full Disclosure Suggests Full Disclosure

Should you argue with your ex-partner about your finances, and it applies to the court, you will be obliged a full financial disclosure and other important matters.

9.      You Can’t Separate Your Assets Before You Were Married

As you divorce your spouse, you can’t separate your assets before you were married. The court will recourse all your assets to satisfy both parties and their children’s needs.

10.  There Is No Formula on How Assets Are Divided

The court comes with discretion on dividing the assets of both parties. They consider different factors in producing fair results.

Before getting divorced in Basingstoke, you must know the above ideas.

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