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Fixed Price Divorce Service – About Us

There is no doubt about the fact that a divorce is a highly messy process.

Therefore, if you want to be able to go through this difficult process then you should hire the services of a competent professional in order to make things easy.

By doing this, you will not have to go through a lot of hassle, there will be no wastage of time and if you opt for a fixed price service then you will have to pay a fixed amount of money only, thereby making it a very pocket-friendly solution if you want to get separated!

about us

About Us

About s at Fixed Price divorce experts, our main target is to facilitate divorces intelligently and seamlessly.

Therefore we are targeting all those individuals who want a divorce and both have agreed in principle the details then require it formalised.

Our team of experts consists of specialist family solicitors, family mediators and divorce case handlers; together, these individuals can make a divorce happen.

Now, these individuals are extremely diverse from one another which is the main reason which makes them capable of handling all kinds of divorces because when combined together, these professionals have the required expertise and skills in all areas of divorce.

About Us - Why Opt For Our Service?
Impartial Mediators

Why should you go for fixed price divorce service? The primary reason why people find this kind of service useful is that the conventional way of getting divorces has become outdated.

Today, people do not like to go for the long-winded and highly complicated way of getting a divorce, they always look for a much better solution. The primary reason why you should use our service is that we charge a fixed cost per case.

Apart from this, we generally require only 6-8 weeks time in order to carry out the divorce procedures. During this time we also arrange for the courts to issue divorce papers.


If you were to get a divorce done the conventional way, i.e. through a solicitor then it is inevitable that you would feel anxious or you are likely to find the method distasteful.

However, in the case of fixed price divorce specialists like us, we try to make the entire process as easy for you as possible. As far as the payment is concerned our fees are transparent, fixed and very competitive.

The fees charged by us are divided into 2-3 payments which make it more convenient for you. Thus, whether you are simply looking for a separation or if you need arrangements regarding child care and splitting of assets, you can rely on our service.

About Us Our customer charter to you

We all like to be in control of our situation and circumstances and like to be kept in constant communication to what is happening.

This has all been a concept that lies in the hear of our work ethic at Fixed Price Divorce Service.

We like to keep our customers updated as regularly as possible.

Good or bad news get delivered with a range of options and solutions.

We work evenings and weekends helping our customers.