The Process of Joint Family Mediation Session Basildon : What to Expect

May 9, 2022

Joint Family Mediation in Basildon


How Does Family Mediation Basildon work?

During the first joint mediation session, a mediator will offer a summary of the information (rules) contained in the MIAM, such as confidentiality, protection, respect, taking pauses, and so on. Before mediation Basildon can occur, you must sign an agreement to mediate in order for the process to continue. By signing, you acknowledge the mediation procedure, the information regarding confidentiality, data protection, charges, and how to file a complaint.

The mediator will next question every side if they have any questions before asking them to explain why they are at mediation. After each party has made a statement, the Mediator and parties will establish the agenda. The purpose of establishing the agenda is to guarantee that all parties are represented and that the things they believe should be covered are discussed, as well as to prioritise concerns and provide a strategy for each mediation session. From the agenda, you and your ex-partner will then, with the assistance of the mediator, discuss the agenda topics.

The family mediator will support the parties by developing ideas (with the parties’ permission), providing information pertinent to the case, challenging comments made by the parties, providing tried-and-true solutions, and facilitating the parties’ ability to establish durable agreements. If more than one session is necessary, subsequent meetings will differ in that the mediator will re-establish the rules and then ask if you have any questions before proceeding with the agenda.

Joint mediation sessions in can occur whenever the parties desire. Depending on how quickly the parties achieve an agreement, they typically last anywhere from one to several months.

The majority of fixed price divorce Services’ mediations are finished in one to three sessions.

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How Shuttle Mediation Works

What is the meaning of shuttle mediation?

In situations where the mediator has determined that you and your ex-partner cannot be on the same conference/video call, they may discuss the option of shuttle mediation with you. The parties are on separate calls or in different virtual rooms with the mediator. Occasionally, the length of a shuttle mediation is prolonged. The mediator would shuttle back and forth between parties, delivering communications between them. Typically, shuttle mediation makes parties feel protected and gives them the courage to speak freely.

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