Will Divorce make your Ex a better parent?

Divorce is that stage when a couple decides to live separately. The husband and the wife believe that their relationship is in danger and cannot work out anymore due to the presence of some inappropriateness which is harming their marriage. Seeking a divorce is a tough decision. There are a lot of couples who have their own reasons for a divorce. Depending on what the situation is, co-parenting forces the parents to deal with the complications which place certain difficulties between the parents and the children. There are some cases when the couples get divorced and end up becoming a better parent. This is because of the fact that they are not interested anymore in putting up some efforts to save their relationship.


There are a lot of couples who take the help of family mediation in Huddersfield. They take the help of family mediation so that they can arrive at a particular conclusion and reach an agreement based on mutual understanding. It is believed that after they take the divorce, one of the ex-parents takes a divorce. But then it is a fact that it is not necessary that the ex-parent will become better parents after divorce. But then both the parents can put up their best efforts in order to put the children first while they get busy with their strenuous task.


One of the worst things which you can do to your children while taking a divorce is allowing all your negative emotions to take over you and spilling them all on your child. This is surely something which you will always regret as a parent. If you feel that you are completely occupied with negatives vibes around you, try to cool down yourself. Let some positivity get harnessed inside you. Try to speak to someone who is close enough to you and on whom you can rely on sharing your inner thoughts. Don’t make you ex look bad in front of your kid. This will actually help in worsening things up for you.


After you get divorced, your goal should be to maintain consistency for your children. This should be a mutual promise to be made between the husband and the wife. If there are any chances of any kind of argument which can take place during the time when you both visit your kid, it should be solved in the first place itself. Your child should be able to spend an equal amount of time with both the parents and shouldn’t feel that such a thing like a divorce has taken place.


If you go for hiring someone who can provide you legal assistance, it will help in reducing the chances to your child getting to know about the divorce. Plus, this will help your ex to become a batter parents as well. Hiring a lawyer would increase the chance of carrying out your discussion easily and reaching to a conclusion about your relationship with each other.

Agreeing your finances within your Divorce – A Guide

Divorce is that stage when a couple decides to live separately. The husband and the wife believe that their relationship cannot work anymore due to the presence of some inappropriateness which is harming their bonding. Seeking a divorce is a tough decision. There are a lot of couples who go directly to the court for getting divorced. For this process, they hire divorce lawyers. There are a lot of divorce lawyers in Cardiff who can help these couples to get separated legally.

But then each couple should realize the fact that there should be a separation of both emotional and financial side of their relationship. The couples have to understand that if they are divorcing, they have to sort out both the emotional and the financial side of their marriage. The process of divorce involves high expenditures. You have to spend a good amount of money for this process to continue and pay the lawyer as well.

For those who are comfortable with paying a high amount and don’t have any financial issues, they can surely go for hiring divorce lawyers. But those who are not so strong in terms of finances, they can take the help of the following steps –

1. Talk to your spouse- if you are able to settle down the things between you two, you are likely to remain on the amicable terms and you might turn out to be happier with what has been agreed. This may help you to start feeling that you can discuss other issues with the like having children and moving forward. It is possible just you have been worried a lot about something which could be solved just with the help of a discussion.

2. Mediation – this is an alternative way which the couple can choose. Mediation is spreading quite hugely among those who are looking for someone who could resolve their personal matters. The idea of this process is that you get to discuss the complete matter with the supervision of an independent and unbiased Mediator. The job of the Mediator is to listen to both parties and then arrive at a conclusion based on the mutual understanding of both the husband and wife.

3. Take the help of a collaborative lawyer – you can take the second option of hiring a collaborative lawyer. This process is like Mediation with a lawyer. You can hire your own collaborative lawyers and they will set up a meeting so that your finances can be distributed equally and an agreement can be reached between the couple.

4. Instruct separate solicitors for negotiating on your behalf. The main aim of this step is to refrain from a court proceeding and it would be a sensible decision to hire a solicitor who is a member of the Resolution and who will agree towards adopting a non-confrontational approach to resolving your issue.

Divorce is a tough decision to make for the couple. The couples have to be careful regarding their decision about getting separated.

Definition of Divorce in terms of Mediation

There are a lot of people who are not well aware of how mediation works. They have heard about Mediation but they are not able to understand it deeply. There are a lot of people who are coming forward to take the help of mediators for solving their divorce cases. Since there is no need of going to the court or hiring a solicitor, they feel that it is the best and the cheaper way of getting things settled. But the problem arises when something new comes up during the process of mediation and the couples are not able to understand the procedure properly.

There was an interview conducted on June 13, 2016, on this same issue. The motive of this interview was to bring forward a clear definition of divorce in terms of mediation. The interviewee was Johnathan Pease, a well known Family Mediator and PPC. He was asked questions related to the real meaning of family mediation. He had defined mediation as a divorce process which included answers to questions like

  1. Can mediation work for high-net-worth individuals?
  2. Is family mediation all about bringing back the couples together?
  3. What about the state of confidentiality in mediation?
  4. Is working with a family mediator a better option than working with a family solicitor?

According to Johnathan Pease, a family mediator will take you through the process of mediation, in the case of a divorce, in the same way as a solicitor would by keeping in mind the finances as there are certain legal things which have to take place when you are segregating your financial assets. The same thing will be done by the mediator but in a more efficient way. Johnathan said that a mediator will sit with the couples and spend a good amount of time to organize finances by looking at the current situation of the couple. The mediator will try to figure out what the couple wants to achieve by going forward and will accordingly work out a way to divide their assets. The mediator will divide the assets in such a way that both the parties are satisfied with the solution.

After arriving at a particular solution, the job of the mediator is to put everything together in a document and make sure that it is in a condition which is presented to the court for authorization in a consent order. The same thing is done with the children as they are the ones who have to be consoled the most. The mediator sits down with the children and figures out where they will live and how will they be moved back and forth between two parents, what will be the case during Christmas and other holidays and all that kind of things.

The main goal of the mediator is to make sure that the parents are able to join their children during their happy times instead of being dragged to the court.

Changing a will after divorce or separation

For those who are through or going through a situation of marriage breakdown, making a will not prove to be beneficial for you. You should realize that just as any current will is not suitable for your new situation, you should consider making a new will which should be according to your new life situation. Making a will according to your current situation is the best option for you as you can organize and plan your will by keeping your current situation in mind.

You should be aware of one thing that you will still be considered a married person despite whatever bad in happening between you and your partner. You will be termed as Legally Married. There have been no changes as far as inheritance law is concerned. Your separation will have no legal effect on your will. Your spouse will still hold all the assets under any will. It doesn’t matter for how long you have been separated. So you should concentrate on making a fresh will which should reflect your current situation. Even if you don’t have any will, your spouse will still have the rights to inherit from you under the intestacy rules. All your estate would pass to them unless there is no will.

In order to understand the implication of these intestacy rules in your life, here are a few examples:

  1. a) If you are married but don’t have any children, all your estate, and personal chattels would be passed on to your spouse.
  2. b) If you are married and have children, the first 250,000 Euros of your estate and all your personal chattels would be passed on to your spouse then and there. The rest of what is left of your estate would be divided into two equal parts. One portion would belong to your wife and the other portion would belong to your children until they turn 18.

For those who are in a new and a serious relationship after parting from their spouse, they should go for making a will which gives them a new life. Since your new unmarried partner will not be able to inherit anything at all, this will be a good decision. She will be entitled to inherit a part of your assets only if you have mentioned that in your will. If not, they might have to head to the court for seeking provisions from your estate.

If you are divorced, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. All the financial matters have already been resolved between you and your spouse. But still it would prove to be a complex issue and you might have to give it some serious attention.

If you have already made a will before your divorce, which would be regarded as legal and this would facilitate towards the rising of a number of issues. There are a lot of married couples who have appointed each other as executors and beneficiaries of a will, either alone or to be shared with their children.

Children are not harmed by divorce but by continuing arguments

In a divorce, children are often harmed by the understandable differences between separated parents that turn into disputes and arguments, which lead to conflicts that are left unresolved.

It is not preferable to sit with continuing disputes for too long. Any form of conflict needs to be effectively resolved. Effective and efficient resolution of conflict and disputes mean that there is a win-win situation for both the parents as their respective needs and interests are met.

Experienced mediators who are used to resolve family disputes provide the required support to parents who want to get it right for themselves and their children.Mediators facilitate and enable both the sides to make the best possible arrangement that works for both of you.

There are many families which successfully resolve family disputes using the approach of family mediation. You should be aware about how much knowledge your children should have about the divorce. Age of the children must be taken into consideration while disclosing any information to them. In case of young children, it should be kept in mind that they need to be given less detailed information with simple explanations. It is most important to take care that there is no involvement of children in any bitter exchanges. Parents should take care of not pouring any anger of criticism about their ex-partner.

Parents should discuss with their children about necessary parenting plans once they have been finalized. Children have the right to know about new parenting plans such as custody and other important matters. Being aware of all the issues keeps the relationship between parents intact and sustainable with reduction in emotional turmoil and stress that the children may go through during this difficult time.

It is advisable for the separated parents to return to their parenting roles as soon as possible. Parents should never let guilt to be a basis of steering their parental relationship after the divorce.

It is important to discuss divorce in the right way before children as it is a part of the healing process. Such discussions need to be honest without any negative tone to them. It is understood that disagreements are natural and inevitable wherever there is divorce or separation, but it should not make arguments a permanent feature of family life after a divorce. There is a gradual change in the way that families are supported and experience separation and divorce.

We offer mediators who have the required skill and expertise to mediate the separation process in a way which proves to be best suitable for children. The perspective offered in any form of family mediation is bound to be impartial towards both the parties.

Protect the family business on divorce by using collaborative law or mediation

You are already aware about the personal and financial impact of a divorce.You may realize how worse it gets when you understand the perspective of the divorce court judges about business owners and entrepreneurs. It is essential to not allow a divorce to damage the health of your family business, which is intended to produce either future income or the capital to meet your family needs. Family law judges often misunderstand about business risks, funding issues and the real liquidity of family business. Courts are often unable to read and understand the business accounts. It is highly undesirable to allow decisions to be made on basis of misunderstandings about the true state of health of your business.

There is the need of a professional mediator to look after the effect on health of your business after the divorce or separation. In mediation services, you can take into account how exactly your family and business work. In presence of a privacy clause, customers, staff, suppliers, investors and banks do not lose confidence.
Our mediation services are available both as sole or shuttle mediation for couples. The out of hours mediation services provide maximum convenience to people. People seeking an amicable divorce will always find our services to be attractive.

Trust is an essential factor within any type of family mediation process. If you seek the help of a professional mediator, he or she should be able to be completely impartial in terms of the offered opinions and advice. An impartial perspective assures the best outcome of family mediation process. Every party wants to reach a decision which proves to be beneficial to all those who are involved.

In case where couples share many assets and children, family mediation process ensures that both the parties resolve their issues without the need of going to court. It is a serious complication when both the parties are unable to agree on splitting aforementioned equity. This leads to mounting legal fees which skyrockets quickly.

There is utter need of discretion and confidentiality when such financial cases are being dealt with. You need a team of trained mediators to rest assured that your interests are taken care of in the best possible way.

You already know that running a business is quite risky. It is not a good idea to let a divorce court judge decide what is best for your family business. Mediation services enable you to take control of the situation and keep everything in private. It is clearly understood that it is impossible for an entrepreneur and a divorce court judge to perceive the financial world of business in the same way.

Legal Aid In Birmingham

Legal Aid In Birmingham

Legal aid is set up by the federal government with the mandate to assist individuals without financial means to access the law equally. Here at UK Family Mediation Service, we provide a variety of legal aid advice. Note that the legal aid system pays the legal fees for your legal representation or advice. As such, you will receive the same high standards as those individuals that access our services privately.

At FPDS, we mainly deal with the family law including domestic issues, debt, personal injury claims, housing, and criminal defense.

Family Law

At Family Mediation Service, we know that breaking down a family is not only stressful but also difficult. This is why we are ready to bring our services to your doorstep whether it is on divorce or separation, how to separate the children, the form of contact the each Parent will have to the separated child or when dealing with finances or property.

We not only provide our outlined costs from the outset of your case just as your legal aid covers them, but we also offer consultation services regarding grandparent’s legal rights, unmarried couples rights, civil partnerships, domestic abuse, and violence and unmarried father’s rights. Others include children living and prenuptial arrangements.

Debt Advice

Personal debts can be very stressful, and it gets worse when you don’t know what to do about them. At FPDS, we provide legal aid on repossession problems and potential bankruptcy. As such, we focus on several solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Some of these solutions include debt management, bankruptcy advice, debt consolidation, Individual Voluntary Arrangements or IVAs, and debt repayment plans. Other solutions may include dealing with court judgments and writing off credit agreements that cannot be enforced.

Personal Injury Claims

Our company has a distinguished record of accomplishment when it comes to obtaining compensation for accident victims injured by a third party. All clients access a free initial consultation where UK Family Mediation Service assesses the claim and give advice as to whether the claim is valid.

Some of the key areas of personal injury law that we deal with include road accidents, product liability, accidents at work, animal attacks, and accidents in public places. Others include work related stress or occupational health, accidents on private property, criminal injury compensation and child accident claims.


When you are involved in a property dispute, without a proper legal aid, it could be difficult to get the most effective resolutions whether you are a property owner or a tenant. At UK Family Mediation Service, we provide advice to property owners in cases involving tenancy agreements, defending a disrepair claim, collecting rent arrears from tenants, and eviction and possession claims.

As for tenants, whether they rent privately or through a housing association, our legal aid covers defending of eviction, knowledge on possession proceedings, tenancy deposit disputes, getting repairs done, and injunctions. Other areas we advise on include compensation for disrepair, council housing transfers and allocations, unlawful evictions, Anti-Social Behavior Orders or ASBO’s, and harassment by the landlord and homelessness.

Criminal Defense

We present our clients during police station interviews and walk with them all through to the verdict on their cases. UK Family Mediation Service is available 24 hours every day, and you can get in touch by calling our customer care number. When dealing with court cases, our legal aid parameters ensure we provide you with an assessment on the possible verdict of your case, which may include being imprisoned, losing your job and a damaged reputation.

At FPDS, we provide the best legal aid in Birmingham.

Family Medation Service Cheshire

Family Medation Service Cheshire – Solution provider for disputes

The essential nature of all life is that it constantly changes. The same is completely true for people as well, especially when it comes to their emotional lives. A lot of times, a couple would want to believe that their happiness and love will last forever, but the nature of the constant changes is that sometimes, people simply grow apart or drift away from some other reason. For married individuals, this feeling gradually leads to the desire to leave their partner and start a new life. Often, this process can be a very grueling experience. Any divorce or a separation can end up being a stressful, lengthy and financially challenging period. It is not uncommon for the same process to last many months while it grinds down all involved in it, both financially and emotionally.

With it, the psychological repercussions can be a huge problem on their own, but the same issues are additionally underlined by often excruciating prices of the services provided by barristers and solicitors who are involved as well. This is why it is not unheard that the process leads to even more resentment, animosity and hurt feelings between the people involved, which has wider repercussions on their families and friends. At the same time, all directly involved can end up with economic problems in the upcoming future, thanks to the fact that the entire ordeal cost them a lot of money.

Fortunately, this does not have to be the case and there is a way how the same divorce or separation can be resolved in a simpler, more affordable and more respectful way. This process begins with an MIAM or Mediation Information Assessment Meeting, which is designed with the purpose of finding a way how any couple can be separated so that all complete the separation feeling satisfied with the results. For example, Family Medation Service Cheshire was created with the very purpose of helping individuals attain an amicable separation or divorce. There are many benefits to using family mediation services and here are the most important ones.

Impartial and Objective Mediators

Creating an atmosphere of trust between all the included parties is the bedrock of any process of family mediation. This is why all Family Medation Service Cheshire professionals, just as those working in any other part of the UK will provide a completely objective and impartial advice and opinion. Using a fixed price offer, the service will be financially attainable and a lot more affordable than the legal alternative. Thanks to the impartial professionals, the proceedings can run in a smooth manner, which is the first step towards reasonable decisions and a beneficial outcome for all involved

A Voluntary Process

Family mediation represents a process that is completely voluntary and demands that both individuals involved desire to resolve their issues without the court’s interference. This scenario occurs mostly when it comes to the couples with children or those who have many shared assets. When the parties cannot find a middle ground, the divorce will end up in a court, where the legal fees will most likely skyrocket. In this scenario, the only true winners are the lawyers and other legal professionals involved in the process.


The process of family mediation is fully confidential and the client’s privacy is highly valued. This, in turn, allows a greater level of confidence and trust in the mediators and their relationship with the involved parties. All mediator professionals are trained to provide the highest level of discretion and full confidentiality when they deal with any of their cases. With this type of an approach, all involved parties can be assured that their privacy will be safeguarded. Additionally, this helps with speeding up the resolution of the process, thanks to the fact that this type of an environment facilitates a bigger level of effectiveness and rational decision-making.


Placing the Client in Control

All decisions made by the clients during family mediation are completely of their own choosing. With this level of control, clients can choose between shuttle and sole mediation, but also make other choices and decision. The process continues forward only once both parties are in an agreement, meaning that the client will never feel they are not in control of their own fate. Here, the mediators facilitate the process and the conversation, but the outcome and the decisions are made by the clients themselves.

With family medation service Cheshire anyone in this area will be able to resolve their issues in a way that will leave both parties and their loved ones content, happy and financial secure.

To discuss this further Call us Free on: 0800 520 20 27 or : 0121 400 02 27 we have 40 offices in the UK and can help with all matters including family mediation and divorce in Cheshire area.