Getting Divorce Through The Mediation

August 19, 2019

Getting Divorce Through Mediation

Getting Divorce through Mediation

Divorce is a very serious case, and surely there are reasons why a couple gets through it. Whatever the reasons would be to make it happen, it should be processed legally. However, how will it be considered?

Like in the UK, they have five legal reasons when you should have a divorce such as:

  • Partners unreasonable behavior
  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Being separated for two years
  • Being separated for five years

With this legal reason in the UK, couples who want a divorce can granted, if they are married for almost a year. But, this will not be as easy as signing the papers, there are also things that you should consider and matters that should be taken care too. Click here to learn more about what we do.

How does mediation help in Divorce?

Mediation works to be the mediator for the two sides that are having disputes like divorce. Couples that are going to divorce must take mediation first before it should be taken into the legal court.

How will you express your desire to get a divorce from your spouse?

Well, telling your spouse about getting a divorce is very hard, make sure that you are 100% about your decision, not because it happens to be just because you want it.  Mediation can help you to have good communication with your spouse and openly talk about the matter.

You want to file for a divorce, but your income is low?

If you want to get divorced, but you don’t have enough money to pay for the divorce fee? You will have to pay when you divorce in courts like the solicitor’s fee and the court fees. Another option that you can get is the mediation to answer to your problem. Mediation is commonly known to be less expensive and couples are seeking the help of a mediator in resolving their issues.

You want to get divorced, but you don’t know where you should live?

Some couples are currently living together, but they undergo divorce. If you own conjugal property, the best route is to sell it, and you equally share the money from its sale to start and buy a separate property. But if either party is more financially capable and doesn’t want to leave the property, then that party can buy the other party’s share of the property.

However, if both of you live in a rented space, then you can ask your landlord to end the rental. But if you want to stay on it, seek a new policy to the landlord. Mediation can help you about what to do if you have a property or you are renting one — finding the right option, especially if both of you are renting needs it to be paid depending on the agreement of which party will be liable and if both of you should pay.

What are your rights before filing for a divorce?

When getting divorced, the rights of each spouse is being tackled, such as the right in your house, child, business, and others.  Any family dispute or case, mediation will be a big help. In terms of the rights of each partner is being carefully discussed and resolved by both sides with the neutral guidance of the mediator.

The MIAM or Mediation Information Assessment Meeting and mediator would be a great fit with any dispute in your family, business, and many more. Through this, any problem can be fixed easily, fast, reliable, and stress-free.

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