How Does A Consent Order Work?

August 19, 2019

How Does A Consent Order Work?

consent order

What You Need To Know About A Consent Order

What You Need To Know About A Consent Order

Have you ever heard about the Consent Order? What is it, and what it does have to do about Divorce? Well to give you more ideas, here are the things that you should know about a consent order.

A consent order is a command which is approved by the court. It has the settlement terms that both separated couples agreed. The consent order is the legal format, usually about financial matters and on how it should be equally divided into the two ex-couple. Both sides should jointly agree on a consent order; if not and you want to continue for the consent, another negotiation or even mediation would be a great help in having an agreement. Click here to find out more on consent orders

Consent order usually covers:

  • Their property
  • Shares in financial assets
  • Incomes and savings
  • The Childcare allowance that the parent should give to the other parent who has the custody of their children.
  • Claims on the future heirloom

How does consent order work?

Consent order only works for the divorce, and if you are not getting a divorce, consent is not applicable. The consent must mutually agree with both parties. Also, the ultimate one that will decide if the order is accepted is the judge.  But before it is accepted, there are certain that the judge will be asking such as:

  • Are the financial agreement and others fair to both sides?
  • If there any concerned or is it fair about the arrangement for their children?
  • Does it complete truthfully and precisely?
  • What legal advice do both parties seek to finish the agreement?

These questions are being asked to determine if the proposed consent order based on the legal and are fair for both parties.

Consent Order – What are the Advantages?

Having a consent order will surely provide clearness and assurance for both sides. Once the consent order is legally sealed and signed by the judge, it can be, use when one of the other parties failed to comply with what they have agreed. The other most significant of having a consent order is that you and you’re will have nothing to do with whatever they earn in the later after their consent order. However, if there is no consent order made, with or without financial change, your ex-partner can apply for a financial provision to the court.

A consent order is unique and confidential that only for both sides and the court will know, however, what is written in the consent form will be based on the couple’s agreements, status, and many more.  It can be only the same in one thing. Consent is for the financial things to make it formalized in court and so that they are legally separated physically, emotionally, and financially.

Filing a consent order must be agreed upon by both parties and are supervised by the lawyers so that the attending judge will approve it. Also, you must understand that filing it may take many weeks before it will be processed. If one of the other parties doesn’t sign or agree on the arrangement made, they cannot file it in the court. If this happens, a family mediator is another option to have an agreement.

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