Legal Aid In Birmingham

January 25, 2016
legal aid

Legal Aid In Birmingham

Legal aid is set up by the federal government with the mandate to assist individuals without financial means to access the law equally. Here at Fixed Price Divorce Service, we provide a variety of legal aid advice. Note that the legal aid system pays the legal fees for your legal representation or advice. As such, you will receive the same high standards as those individuals that access our services privately.

At FPDS, we mainly deal with the family law including domestic issues, debt, personal injury claims, housing, and criminal defense.

Family Law

At Fixed Price Divorce Service, we know that breaking down a family is not only stressful but also difficult. This is why we are ready to bring our services to your doorstep whether it is on divorce or separation, how to separate the children, the form of contact the each Parent will have to the separated child or when dealing with finances or property.

We not only provide our outlined costs from the outset of your case just as your legal aid covers them, but we also offer consultation services regarding grandparent’s legal rights, unmarried couples rights, civil partnerships, domestic abuse, and violence and unmarried father’s rights. Others include children living and prenuptial arrangements.

Debt Advice

Personal debts can be very stressful, and it gets worse when you don’t know what to do about them. At FPDS, we provide legal aid on repossession problems and potential bankruptcy. As such, we focus on several solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Some of these solutions include debt management, bankruptcy advice, debt consolidation, Individual Voluntary Arrangements or IVAs, and debt repayment plans. Other solutions may include dealing with court judgments and writing off credit agreements that cannot be enforced.

Personal Injury Claims

Our company has a distinguished record of accomplishment when it comes to obtaining compensation for accident victims injured by a third party. All clients access a free initial consultation where Fixed Price Divorce Service assesses the claim and give advice as to whether the claim is valid.

Some of the key areas of personal injury law that we deal with include road accidents, product liability, accidents at work, animal attacks, and accidents in public places. Others include work related stress or occupational health, accidents on private property, criminal injury compensation and child accident claims.


When you are involved in a property dispute, without a proper legal aid, it could be difficult to get the most effective resolutions whether you are a property owner or a tenant. At Fixed Price Divorce Service, we provide advice to property owners in cases involving tenancy agreements, defending a disrepair claim, collecting rent arrears from tenants, and eviction and possession claims.

As for tenants, whether they rent privately or through a housing association, our legal aid covers defending of eviction, knowledge on possession proceedings, tenancy deposit disputes, getting repairs done, and injunctions. Other areas we advise on include compensation for disrepair, council housing transfers and allocations, unlawful evictions, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders or ASBO’s, and harassment by the landlord and homelessness.

Criminal Defence

We present our clients during police station interviews and walk with them all through to the verdict on their cases. Fixed Price Divorce Service is available 24 hours every day, and you can get in touch by calling our customer care number. When dealing with court cases, our legal aid parameters ensure we provide you with an assessment on the possible verdict of your case, which may include being imprisoned, losing your job and a damaged reputation.

At FPDS, we provide the best legal aid in Birmingham.

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