Family Mediation Ross On Wye

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Are You Going Through A Divorce?

Family Mediation Ross On Wye offer Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

Sometimes a good place to start is family mediation and this is why we are recommended by family courts, solicitors and Citizen advice all across the UK.

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Family Mediation Ross On Wye

Family Mediation Ross On Wye

Our staff of experienced independent mediators is here to listen, support, and advise you at every level of the process.

We provide an unbiased and highly discreet service backed by vast understanding of legal processes pertaining to child custody, separation, and family mediation.

We are here to listen and help you in a nonjudgmental manner, guiding you to a solution that works for everyone concerned, taking into account the financial, emotional, and practical aspects of your situation.

Our independent mediators work hard to create a comfortable connection between people so that they can communicate calmly, focus on the future, and establish agreements to plan a course of action.

We provide online shuttle family mediation Ross On Wye, in which the disputants sit electronically in separate rooms and the mediator shuttles between them in an attempt to achieve an agreement.

Shuttle mediation provides the comfort of being able to completely express one’s problems to the mediator to clients who feel vulnerable or desire to avoid direct communication with the other person.

Why Choose Family Mediation Ross On Wye?
Impartial Mediators

Mediators are completely impartial so that helps with providing solutions for couples in a fast and effective manner without judgement and influence.


As mediators we don't disclose any information to anyone.
We work exclusively for the couples providing a safe environment.

Save Time & Money

On average mediation costs less than £500 per couple to resolve disputes sometimes less. Go to your family Solicitor and you will spend thousands.