Mediation Online

We offer zoom, facetime, whats app, Skype to enable us to connect with clients at a time and place that suits.

We offer mediation UK, Europe and all over the world using online mediation.

Why online mediation is becoming the first choice for all?

There’s no doubt, that online mediation has become a more preferable option for people, as it saves money and it allows the people to avoid long distance travelling. If you don’t want to meet your partner or lives in a remote area, then online mediation is an excellent option for you. Finding the right mediator for the online mediation is also not difficult, you just need the following things:

The online mediators need to know well about the platform which is being used: Generally, people are confused about online mediation, as their mediation lacks the software use skill. So, if you look for a mediator who is well aware of the usage and specifications of the online video conferencing platform, then you can be sure that no problems will occur during the mediations sessions.

Experience is also equally important: An experienced mediator, who knows how to handle the video conferencing platform and how to make you calm during any argument should be your preference. If a mediator is new, then he might still be learning about all this stuff and when you are online you mustn’t go for a fresher, as this might spoil your session. I’m not saying an inexperienced will not be good enough, it’s just he/she might not be suitable for online mediation.

Mediation through phone, email, video and face to face are not very different from each other: It’s just the medium of communication which is different, the rest of the procedure remains the same. You will have to follow the traditional mediation approach over the video conferencing platform. This is not at all a difficult thing.

Online mediation can even open new opportunities: When you are doing the mediation thing over Skype, then you are at more peace, as your spouse is nowhere near you and you can be more open, without any mental pressure. Thus, it is for sure that you will be freer and keep your point of view in an open manner.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, all you need is that you are ready to cooperate with your partner and you want to reach an agreement. Separation is painful, but you can make it a bit easier by choosing to go for mediation and then you can move on in an easy manner.

So, now you know how online mediation can resolve your issues without actually meeting your ex. If you need some more information, then contact us.

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