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Are You Going Through A Divorce?

Family Mediation Leeds offer Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and mediation by sole or shuttle mediation for couples and we also offer out of hours mediation for maximum convenience.

Sometimes a good place to start is family mediation and this is why we are recommended by family courts, solicitors and Citizen advice all across the UK.

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Family Mediation Leeds

When going through a divorce or separation, family mediation may assist you in resolving problems pertaining to parenting, property, and finances.

However, many individuals are unsure of what to anticipate from separation or divorce mediation, and there is still misconception over what Family Mediation in the United Kingdom includes.

If you want to address a matter on which you have been unable to agree, just schedule an MIAM and begin the process. Many individuals find it challenging to strike an agreement with a former spouse. Nationally, 70% of individuals achieve an agreement via mediation, yet an astounding 90% of Family Mediation Leeds clients are able to do so. Therefore, why not give it a shot?

By attending an MIAM, you give yourself the option of going to court if the other side is unwilling to mediate, and you will get a lot of essential information.

Even though the other party has previously said that they do not intend to participate in mediation, they may reconsider after receiving an invitation letter from a family mediator.

And you may at least demonstrate to the court that you attempted an amicable resolution.


Why Choose Family Mediation Leeds?
Impartial Mediators

Mediators are completely impartial so that helps with providing solutions for couples in a fast and effective manner without judgement and influence.


As mediators we don't disclose any information to anyone.
We work exclusively for the couples providing a safe environment.

Save Time & Money

On average mediation costs less than £500 per couple to resolve disputes sometimes less. Go to your family Solicitor and you will spend thousands.