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Are You Going Through A Divorce?

Family Mediation Frome offer Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and mediation by sole or shuttle mediation for couples and we also offer out of hours mediation for maximum convenience.

Sometimes a good place to start is family mediation and this is why we are recommended by family courts, solicitors and Citizen advice all across the UK.

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Family Mediation Frome Services

Family Mediation Frome

The mediator’s responsibility is to supervise the conversations and create a unique approach for each couple. This sometimes necessitates bringing in additional specialists, such as:

  • Family therapists may assist in enhancing communication and introspection;
  • Child-inclusive mediators may be requested to talk with the children about their desires and emotions so that they have a say in the process (often only those over 10);
  • Financial advisors may give information on settlement possibilities and ensure that all parties understand their financial situations;
  • Experienced barristers and private judges may be consulted on how a court might address certain grounds of contention, which can be especially valuable for breaking impasse;
  • The attorneys for the parties might potentially be asked to participate in talks to represent their clients.

Mediation is not appropriate for all disputes. It is not suitable for any family that requires the “safety route” outlined in the recent Family Solutions Group Report. But for others, it may be a quick, cost-effective procedure that enables couples to make family-friendly choices from the comfort of their homes.

Mediation may be intimidating; it requires guts and perseverance; but, it provides something that has been in short supply during the last year: optimism and hope for the future.

Why Choose Family Mediation Frome?
Impartial Mediators

Mediators are completely impartial so that helps with providing solutions for couples in a fast and effective manner without judgement and influence.


As mediators we don't disclose any information to anyone.
We work exclusively for the couples providing a safe environment.

Save Time & Money

On average mediation costs less than £500 per couple to resolve disputes sometimes less. Go to your family Solicitor and you will spend thousands.