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Top 5 Motives For People To Attend Family Mediation Reading


There is drama in every family, but most conflicts and fights can be resolved with a little breathing room and time apart.

However, it might be more difficult for families in dispute to find a solution that works for everyone. Especially in situations when tensions are already high after a relationship breakup, separation, or divorce.

Obviously, this can be a difficult and stressful period for families, particularly when children are involved; in such circumstances, the individuals involved may need further assistance to resolve their differences.

Here are the five most frequent reasons individuals seek our assistance as mediators to settle disputes peacefully.

1 - Financial Matters

Financial troubles are one of the leading causes of breakups, and it’s simple to see why.

When a relationship ends, individuals want to know that they have immediate and long-term access to the funds necessary for a comfortable lifestyle.

Disputes over child support payments are frequent among couples with children, particularly when one parent is the primary carer.

Disputes over mortgage payments, pensions, savings, and investments also often arise in mediation, with former partners seeking a qualified third-party mediator to guarantee that both parties’ perspectives are heard.

2. Child Issues

This is one of the most emotional and prevalent reasons why individuals choose mediation.

Historically, parents would threaten their ex with court action if there was even a hint of a dispute about who got the children and on what days. However, owing to the Government Family Mediation Voucher programme, couples may claim up to £xxx to resolve matters more expeditiously and cooperatively.

Due to the backlogs in court hearings and the anger that sometimes accompanies dragging someone through the court system, mediation is gaining popularity.

It is also possible to include children in the sessions so that they may voice their opinions, making it a fantastic option for everyone.

3. Holidays


The subject of holidays does not seem like it should be a source of contention, yet it comes up again during mediation. Predominantly in regards to whether one parent or the other may take the kid or youngsters overseas.

One or both parents may worry about their children travelling overseas without them or with their ex’s new spouse. Others may resent their ex-spouse for spending money on a vacation when they believe more should be going toward child support.

In the past 18 months alone, Fixed Price Divorce Services has assisted over 150 couples with passport and travel-related issues, and dozens more who have referenced passport and travel in the context of broader concerns.

Again, the mediation Reading voucher programme is accessible to anybody seeking assistance in resolving such disputes.

4. Social media

Relationship and family conflicts are routinely exposed on social networking platforms in the digital era, which may produce a vast array of problems.

Often, individuals perceive no harm in publishing an angry, spur-of-the-moment social media message, but if the information affects the other person’s reputation, there might be severe repercussions.

In the past, we have worked with feuding ex-spouses who claim that an ill-advised social media post negatively harmed their professional life, angered other family members, and even caused school issues for their children.

Mediation Reading may aid parties in expressing their pain and fury in a more controlled manner, while eventually seeking a settlement that works for all parties.

5. Family Animals

Finally, one of the top five reasons we find families seeking mediation after a divorce or separation is because of pet-related disputes.

When a relationship ends, both parties are frequently concerned about where they will live, how they will manage financially, and what will happen to the children. However, as any pet owner will tell you, where the dog/cat/rabbit will live and how they will pay for vet bills and food is also a major concern.

Mediation Reading offers the chance to consider the animal’s best interests. Recent years have witnessed an increase in the number of couples who agree to “share custody,” therefore dividing the burden of finances and care.