Simple Guide Mediation

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Simple Guide Mediation

Mediation is a hands-on approach to conflict resolution in which couples air out the common problems they face for a solution to be found.
For the mediation to be a success, couples work with a mediator who further facilitates communication between the two conflicting individuals and seeks ways in which the problems are seen in their true light. The mediator defines the issues for discussion for the couples to gain an understanding and makes suggestions in which they will tackle these problems while at the same together without igniting high levels of conflict.

Basic principles when it comes to mediation

Secrecy – The whole point of mediation is to be open and honest with any information about the problems that a particular couple may be facing. The process is confidential to both the mediator and the couple. However, in the case that someone’s safety may be at risk, then the mediator is allowed to discontinue the confidentiality.

Offspring based – Family mediation centers its main interest on the children their general well-being in terms of the short run and the long run period how their needs will be met. Which schools would they attend to or which parental plans and agrement the parents be happy to see them acquire when raising them.

Accessible to all – Mediation is made for all who are in need of it to access it as it is able to help fix issues for families around children and fianances.

Impartiality – The mediator will treat to treat the couple with utter fairness not leaning on any side. Also the couples are supposed to be fair to each other and accept the fact that they have problems and each should play towards the solutions agreed.

Combined agreement – The couple are supposed to give various forms of ways in which they will reach out to one another as they have been together. They give acceptable solutions this enables them to relate well and at the same time knowing what has been pulling them back. This helps the couple to stay in control at all times.

Voluntary – This is a platform in which no one is coerced to do anything it is out of their free will that they decide to work out the problems they face. Here partners can leave as they wish if they feel that the process is unfair or is unsuitable to both of them.

Equality- People who seek mediation should feel that the solutions discussed plus suggestion fit the framework of law.