Options For Divorce

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Fast, Smooth And Simple Divorce Option - The Basics

DIY or Do-It-Yourself Method:

This option is ideal when both spouses are mutually willing to go through with the divorce and cooperate with each other in order to break free from their dysfunctional marriage. Simply visit the official website of the state court in your country to purchase the necessary legal forms, which you can fill out and submit. Additionally, you will need to pay the filing fee at a nearby court.

Pros: Highly cost-effective

Cons: DIY divorce paperwork can be daunting and overwhelming. Furthermore, the Ministry of Justice’s paperwork process can be lengthy. Any minor mistakes in the paperwork could result in case cancellation, requiring you to start over and pay the fees again.


Online Method:

The online method is theoretically similar to the DIY approach; however, it does not provide any meaningful or worthwhile divorce services.

Pros: Convenience due to the online procedure

Cons: Mediocre services that offer limited value compared to the DIY method



This is the traditional way of obtaining a divorce. Simply hire a solicitor, who will handle your case and manage all necessary groundwork and paperwork on your behalf.

Pros: Solicitors possess extensive knowledge and can even help you win your divorce case, even if your spouse is uncooperative!

Cons: Solicitors charge high fees and require significant overhead costs.