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Fixed Price Divorce Service

A divorce can be a lengthy, stressful and financially crippling undertaking. While the psychological ramifications are indeed potentially severe in their own right, these difficulties are frequently exacerbated by the high fees charged by solicitors and barristers. The end result will be more animosity between the parties involved and the prospect for one or both individuals to experience protracted economic hardship. These are perhaps some of the primary reasons why do-it-yourself options are becoming popular. However, such undertakings are long, confusing and quite complicated. This is the primary reason why Fixed Price Divorce Services are proving attractive to many couples seeking an amicable divorce.

Agreeable Time Frames

The bulk of the expenditures that will burden a couple are directly related to the amount of time the divorce process will take. As solicitors rack up billable hours, the fees will mount. This is particularly the case when a couple shares many assets and children are involved. A further complication is when two parties cannot agree on how to split this aforementioned equity. Mounting legal fees can quickly skyrocket and unsurprisingly, the only winners may indeed be the lawyers that are representing the case in court.

This is the primary reason why Fixed Price Divorce Services represent the best option. The main contingency will revolve around both parties wishing to get divorced and are in relative unison in regards to the splitting of assets and custody arrangements. Assuming that this is the case, most settlements can occur within a six to eight week time frame; a far cry shorter than many traditional cases.

Less Paperwork and Little Hassle

Another reason why Fixed Price Divorce Services are proving popular is the simple fact that notwithstanding the shorter time frame, there are less complications and paperwork involved. Our solicitors will make certain that both parties are provided the clarity and insight to make the correct decisions without being affected by the stresses that often times will plague such an undertaking. In fact, the paperwork alone is the downfall for many of those that wish to take a do-it-yourself approach. The end result will be the couple eventually seeking legal aid. The approach taken by Fixed Price Divorce Services all but eliminates this pitfall.

Financial Ease

A primary concern is obviously the money that will need to be dedicated to such proceedings. Up-front costs can be prohibitively expensive and these alone can cause stress before the process even begins. Fixed Price Divorce Services splits up all relevant fees over two to three different payment plans. This will allow for less stress (financially and otherwise) to enter into any negotiations and for the case to be handled with brevity and efficiency. In addition, fixed costs take the guesswork out of the divorce.

A Bespoke Litigation Team

Fixed Price Divorce Services employs a synergy of litigators, mediators and case handlers to help expedite the entire process with unsurpassed levels of professionalism. If we combine this with over forty locations throughout the United Kingdom, it is no wonder that countless couples have utilised the services offered to help streamline what may otherwise have been a lengthy financial and psychological process. Divorces are neither easy nor fun. Saving time, hassle, money and psychological distress can help make such cases be resolved quickly and amenably.

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