Divorce Mediation Brentwood

divorce Brentwood

Divorce Mediation Brentwood

Top 5 Motives For People To Attend Family Mediation Brentwood

Every family has its share of drama, but most conflicts can be resolved with a little distance and time.

Families who are in dispute may find it more difficult to find a solution that works for everyone. When emotions are already strong, particularly after a relationship split, separation, or divorce.

Clearly, this can be a difficult and stressful period for families, particularly when children are involved; in such circumstances, the parties may desire additional assistance to address their concerns.

Here are the five most common reasons individuals seek our assistance as mediators to resolve disputes amicably.

1 - Financial Matters

It is not difficult to understand why money issues are one of the leading causes of breakups.

When a relationship ends, individuals want to know they have immediate and long-term access to sufficient funds to sustain a respectable standard of living.

Especially when one parent is the primary carer, childbearing couples commonly fight over child support payments.

Disputes about mortgage payments, pensions, savings, and investments are also prevalent in Brentwood divorce mediation, with former partners seeking a qualified third-party mediator to ensure that both parties’ viewpoints are heard.

2. Child Issues

This is one of the most common and emotionally-driven reasons why individuals choose family mediation Brentwood.

Historically, parents threatened their ex-spouse with legal action whenever there was even a hint of a custody or visitation issue. Couples can receive up to £500 through the Family Mediation Voucher programme of the government in order to resolve disputes more expeditiously and constructively.

Due to court hearing backlogs and the anger that frequently accompanies dragging someone through the legal system, mediation Brentwood is gaining favour.

It is also possible to involve children in the sessions so that they may voice their opinions, making it a fantastic option for everyone.

3. Holidays

Despite the fact that the topic of holidays should not be a source of contention, it is repeatedly brought up during the event. Generally, whether or not one parent may take the child or youngsters overseas.

One or both parents may be apprehensive about their children travelling overseas alone or with the new partner of their former spouse. Others may despise their ex-spouse for spending money on a vacation when they believe more should be spent on child support.

Over the course of the past 18 months, Fixed Price Divorce Services has assisted over 150 couples with passport and travel-related issues, as well as dozens more with broader concerns.

Again, anyone seeking assistance in resolving such disputes has access to the voucher programme for mediation.

4. Social media

Relationship and family conflicts are frequently reported on social networking sites in the digital era, which can result in a variety of problems.

Frequently, people see no harm in publishing an angry, spur-of-the-moment social media comment; nevertheless, if the information affects the other person’s reputation, there could be severe consequences.

In the past, we have worked with feuding ex-spouses who claimed that an ill-advised social media post negatively impacted their professional life, angered other family members, and even caused issues at their children’s schools.

It may aid participants in expressing their anguish and wrath in a more controlled manner, with the ultimate aim of reaching a settlement amicably.

5. Family Animals

Pet-related disputes are one of the top five reasons families seek mediation Brentwood after a divorce or separation.

Both spouses frequently worry about where they will live, how they will manage financially, and what will happen to their children when a relationship ends. However, as any pet owner can attest, where the dog/cat/rabbit will stay and how vet bills and food will be paid for are also significant issues.

It permits the animal’s best interests to be considered. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of couples who choose “shared custody,” thereby dividing the financial and caregiving duties.