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Why Should I Choose Fixed Price Divorce?

Divorces are a terrible time for everyone involved – so the last thing anyone going through one needs is the extra hassle when it comes to the admin sign of things. Many of our customers favour fixed fee divorces, so they are not hit with any unexpected charges during the process. Couples find there are many benefits to using this system when going through a divorce.

Fixed price divorces can work out cheaper.

Fixed fee divorces tend to work out a lot cheaper than standard divorces as you are not paying a solicitor on an hourly basis. While solicitors do not always intend to take longer than they should, having someone go through all the details and paying them per hour can take up a lot of money that could be better used in the actual settlement. Another great benefit to a fixed price divorce is that you know exactly how much it will cost you and can factor this in when you are budgeting.

You still get expert advice

Because fixed price divorces work out cheaper and solicitors do not get paid by the hour for them – you can be forgiven for thinking you will not get as good a service. As you will see from our many happy customers, this simply is not the case. Fixed price divorces give many people the opportunity to access expert legal advice without hidden costs coming back to bite them at the end of the separation. Depending on how you want to set up the divorce you can always have different parts of it settled separately settled from the fixed price divorce, but if you do want to do everything under the fixed price umbrella then you will be able to do this, and you will know exactly what you are going to spend before you enter into the agreement.

It is hassle free

Because a fixed price divorce is more or less like a divorce package, it is quick and easy. Everything is paid for at the start, and you can then relax knowing it is being dealt with.

I am so satisfied with the services of Fixed Price Divorce Service that I might just suggest it to one of my friends. It is that useful!

Why would anyone try to follow the conventional method of divorce when they have Fixed Price Divorce Service who will simplify the whole process.

I was always afraid of getting a divorce, enough though we both knew that things were no longer working out. Thank God for Fixed Price Divorce Service.

I recommend anyone who is planning to get a divorce to get in touch with them and simplify the whole process. We had family mediation and this was useful around co-parenting ideas.
Thank you Fixed Price Divorce Service for giving me my freedom back.

I love the idea of a fixed price service because it is really easy to chalk out your expenses afterwards. The mediators here are extremely professional and highly understanding. They got my divorce finalized within a few short months. I am so happy now.

My no good husband had his eye on my property in Brighton and also wanted rights to my other home in Kent. I got in touch with a mediator at Fixed Price Divorce Service and not only got a divorce but also worked out a deal.

The mediators here are super professional and nothing short of competent. Im glad they have a fixed price policy on all their divorce work because it helps you map out your expenses when going through a divorce.

No Stress- With the stress of divorce already there I chose Fixed Price divorce Service. At least there was one less thing to be stressed about.

Fixed Price Divorce Service is the best to get quick divorce without the trouble of waiting anxiously and making the whole procedure bitter.

Quick and efficient – The mediators in Fixed Price Divorce Service are highly professional and understanding of your situation. They get the work done with efficiency and quickly.

Mediation first – With children in between the divorce the best way for us to not make it more painful was taking the mediation route. Not only both sides were heard and we have come up with solutions to deal with the problems. Now at least I and my ex can talk to each other even if it’s for our children’s sake.

With Fixed Price Divorce Service, I was not only able to get a divorce, but I was able to do so without any of the stresses associated with it.

Don’t let the divorce process be bitter, get it done in the most amicable manner and in a friendly environment with Fixed Price Divorce Service. I did it and suggest all others as well.

Why go for conventional, hectic divorce! Manage separation issues and differences well with Fixed Price Divorce Service as I did. For me and my ex husband its the best.

Extremely impartial staff at Fixed Price Divorce Service. They helped both of us in a friendly manner. We thus save a lot as numerous trail fess of solicitors in court.

I got my freedom back and that too without any stress. The amicable divorce helped me get this. All thanks are for the diligent team of Fixed Price Divorce Service. Truly friend like.
Easy distribution of assets after divorce. I like the idea and their efforts. Fixed price is what they boast actually. Fixed Price Divorce Service is just the.

Fast, efficient, cheap and satisfactory. Fixed Price Divorce Service helped me and my husband part ways amicably and peacefully. Going through courts would have been a nightmare

Fixed Price Divorce solutions is a far better alternative than going through the hassle of hiring solicitors who bill you by hour and suck you dry. I’ll recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way out of a loveless marriage.

Fixed Price divorce solutions is a way better option than going through the trouble of court room dramas. They provide fast and easy divorces and helped me and my wife part ways on cordial terms. 5 stars to their service

The mediators at fixed price divorce are extremely understanding. They solved all the disputes I had with my husband effectively and gave great solution. Couldn’t have done it without these guys.

My divorce was extremely psychologically exhausting. Thanks to fixed price divorce service it didn’t turn out to be financially exhausting. Can’t thank the guys at Fixed Price Divorce enough.

I can’t believe that a divorce can be so quick and easy. All thanks to FPDS.
Divorce is not only bad for your emotional well being, but is also bad for your pocket. Thankfully with fixed priced divorce service, your pocket gets saved.

Fixed Price Divorce Services handled all my paperwork and made sure that my divorce went without any hassles or problems.

The guys at fixed price divorce solutions helped me at each and every stage of my divorce and without burning a hole in my pocket.

I was facing lots of difficulties understanding my ex partner therefore, I chose to take help from Fix Price Divorce Service. These people are amazing, in a single visit all of our differences were resolved and now we talk again about the kids.

My sister and I was not in good terms since my father passed away. My husband called these people and in no time every issue was sorted and now we both are in regular touch with each other.

I was really worried about the kid’s future when my husband left me so I asked FPDS to help me out and thanks to these people, I got exactly what I wanted a mediated settlement.

I was extremely surprised to see how impartial these people were. Though my husband contacted them, but during the whole discussion they listened to everything I said and in the end both of us got exactly what I wanted.

If you want your divorce proceedings to finish quickly and without any complications then, Fix Price Divorce Service is just perfect for you. These people know about all the formalities and also know how to deal with kids.

These people are simply amazing. They helped me during the most difficult phase of my life and thanks to them, I very happy with my life again.

After my transfer, I and my family started to drift apart. To resolve the issues, I decided to consult these people and thanks to them we all are now happily living together.

When I found out that my wife was cheating on me, I immediately decided to file for divorce. So, I contacted these people and without any hustle bustle, I got a plan in place.

Divorce was really stressful for me and I had no idea what to do. My friend told me about these people and thanks to them, I got completely over my ex and now, I’m happy with my new life. Thank you guys for helping me out in the time of need.

Family mediation is a good place to start I was told by my Solicitor. I told them everything and they kept their world by not revealing anything to anybody. Honest and extremely genuine people, thank you for your help.

My life was in ruins when my wife left me, I was really depressed so my friends asked me take help from these people and thanks to them I came out of depression very quickly due to a plan we put in place for the children.

My husband was cheating on me but, I was little confused about whom to consult regarding this matter. My boss told me about Fixed Price Divorce and immediately called them for help and in no time we got a meeting.

If you want all of your separation proceedings to pass quickly and smoothly then, you must take help from Fixed Price Divorce Service.

Thanks to these people I got rid of my greedy and stubborn business partner, the best part is there were no complications and we now sold the business.

When I and my sister started a new business, I immediately realized that it was a bad move but with the help of these people I ended my partnership with a positive note. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Though, my wife asked Fixed Price Divorce to help us out but, these people were completely impartial about the whole proceedings. Extremely professional service.

After my promotion I had to spend a lot of time in the office because of which my marriage was suffering. After recommendation from my dad I called these people and thanks to them all of our differences were resolved and we both are happily living together.

These people are brilliant, after my divorce Fixed Price Divorce helped me and my kid to recover from the trauma. Simply the best.

If you want best solution to all of your problems then this is the perfect place. These people know how to handle sensitive matter and they are very good with children.

I wanted my divorce affair to pass quickly and quietly. Thanks to these people the whole event passed without any complications.

Not only these people handled the matter with extreme care, they also managed to find a common solution to our problems. We are now happily living separately.

If you want divorce proceedings to pass in no time, then this mediation service is the best you can choose.

After consulting Fixed price divorce service, we agreed on common terms and I got the amount of alimony that I wanted plus we separated on a positive note.

When I found my husband was cheating on me, I immediately consulted my friend and she recommended me Fixed price divorce service. Thanks to these people, I got rid of my cheater husband.

When I and my husband decided to get separated we were deeply concern about our child‘s future. Thanks to Fixed price divorce service we found the solution to raise our child separately.

These people are the best, not only they considered all of our demands but, they are also aware of all the legalities and formalities. Absolutely the best.

I was extremely worried about my divorce, though I wanted to leave my wife, but at the same time I wanted minimum complications. My friend told me about Fixed Price Divorce Service and thanks to them, we both got exactly what we wanted.

Divorce procedures could take time and money but, because of Fixed Price Divorced Service I didn’t had to face any of these problems. We both happily left each other and are now living a new life.

Excellent service. I am totally satisfied with Fixed Price Divorce Service, these people know how to deal with people, especially kids. Thanks to them I and my ex came to common terms and our kids are living a better life.